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EQAlign 2.4.21 release available here (Last edition date: November 1, 2015)
Help file in Spanish (PDF)
Help file in Japanese (Toshitaka Koshi) (PDF)
Help file in Français (Thierry SERIEYS)(PDF)
Quick Polar Align help in English (PDF)
EQAlign official page http://eqalign.sf.net


Features: (*) Many Thanks!: Francesc Pruneda (Catalá), Thierry SERIEYS (Français), Andrea Di Dato (Italiano), CKYan (Chinese), Nuno Gameiro (Portugues), Toshitaka Koshi (Japanese), Mario L. (Galego), Mark Woodward (English).

Supported cameras: (*) In order to detect QHY6, you must copy qhy6dll.dll into EQAlign installation folder.
(**) In order to detect QHY5, you must copy CMOSDLL.DLL or qhy5dll.dll into EQAlign installation folder.
(***) In order to detect Orion SSAG, you must copy SSAGIF.dll into EQAlign installation folder.

Supported ST4 relays:

Changes in 2.4.21 release: November 1, 2015

Changes in 2.4.20 release: September 9th, 2015 Changes in 2.4.19 release: November 20th, 2015 Changes in 2.3.21 release: November 20th, 2012 Changes in 2.3.20 release: September 21th, 2012 Changes in 2.3.9 release: September 13th, 2011 Changes in 2.3.6 beta: January 10th, 2010 Changes in 2.3.2 beta: June 4th, 2010 Changes in 2.2.17 beta: December 31th, 2009 Changes in 2.2.16 beta: November 25th, 2009 Changes in 2.2.12 beta: June 25th, 2009

Changes in 2.2.10 beta: May 3th, 2009

Changes in 2.2.5 beta: April 9th, 2009

Changes in 2.2 beta: March 19th, 2009 Changes in 2.1.1 beta: October 4th, 2008 Changes in 2.1.2 beta: November 3th, 2008 Changes in 2.1.1 beta: October 4th, 2008 Changes in 2.1 beta: September, 9th 2008 Changes in August 11, 2008 Changes in August 8, 2008 Changes in 2.0.5: July 31, 2008

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